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sony-ipela-camerasSony Electronics Security Systems Division and Next Level Security Systems™ have jointly developed an affordable cloud-based video surveillance solution, “IPELA CLOUD Serviced by NextConnect® Video,” designed to deliver affordable, scalable security services and technologies to its worldwide customer base. Combining Sony’s IPELA ENGINE EX™ Series Cameras with NextConnect® Video cloud service, it will allow the cameras to automatically configure over the network and connect to the cloud for additional mobility, security and video storage options.

The service will allow users to easily access on-camera and stored video, and provide additional flexibility through the cloud for long-term retention of critical data. Using IPELA CLOUD Serviced by NextConnect® Video, these cameras will be able to auto-matically detect available bandwidth and select a suitable bitrate stream to maximize video transmission and viewing. Unlike other hosted or cloud services, IPELA CLOUD will leverage patent-pending peer-to-peer technology from Next Level Security Systems to provide a powerful solution.


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Key Benefits of the IPELA CLOUD Camera

For the User

  • Affordable

    Flex Pay Pricing and Financing*

    *As low as $75 per month for a 2 camera commercial system AND 5 years Cloud Service!

  • Direct Connectivity

    Direct connectivity from the camera to the cloud – no need for additional hardware. 1 to 4 cameras per location are ideal.

  • Intelligent Streaming

    Intelligent Streaming eliminates the “bandwidth hog myth” that cloud cameras are a network strain.  These cameras are efficient while proving minimal constraints on your network. (60GB in a 30-day span average)

    Video is delivered and optimized based on the client’s bandwidth and viewing device.

  • Mobile App

    Full-featured Mobile Application included with all cameras – iOS and Android

  • Easy Install

    Plug and Play install. Web browser interface.

  • Multiple Storage Options

    Multiple storage options for video including Sony SD Card (on camera) and/or Cloud Storage

  • Secure Streaming and Storage

    Because video is encrypted on-camera, video is secure even on an open or insecure Wi-Fi network. You have full control of who can view your video.

Sony Camera Average Upload Rates

Based on Default Camera Settings
DurationAverage Upload
2.5 days5 GB
7 days14 GB
30 days60 GB

Upload Rates based on default camera settings:  Resolution: 1080p, FPS: 10fps, iframe interval = 3 seconds, Compression Type: h264 profile = high, CBR= ‘on’, bitrate = 768 kbps

For our Partners

  • Flexible Payment Options & Partner Programs

    NLSS offers referral incentive programs with flexible financing for your clients.  Custom camera configurations can be tailored to meet site requirements for your Client.

  • Unlimited High Quality HD Video

    View an unlimited amount of high quality HD video for unlimited clients for a fixed, low price.

  • Multiple Sites

    Manage multiple sites and large deployments with a single registration.

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